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Introduction to Carkeys1.com Online Business
"Revenue Generating Website For Sale!!"

Would you want an online business with this type of inventory? Or would you rather have one that has less inventory?

Have you ever wonder about the prospect of running your own online business? A business without having to hold on to a lot inventories? A business that duplicates automotive transponder keys? If so, Carkeys1 has a online business with a Website for you to do just that and more! What do we mean by more? Not only will you be able to service local businesses in your area but also be able to expand to other areas and regions across the nation. This is a nationwide business. Carkeys1 has a system in place that enables you to partner with car rental/ fleets, dealerships and affiliates from all over the states to service customers. Check out below the different ways which to generate revenue from this online business.


  • Earn income through reoccurring revenue from premium affiliates
  • Earn income from fulfilling work orders and from orders fulfilled by premium and standard affiliates anywhere in the U.S.
  • Earn income revenue from selling Ad space
  • Earn income revenue from mail order sales

Business Aspect

"The Business concept is simple, your income potential is great!!"


  • This business model is simple. If the customer resides locally you can cut the car key blade and clone the electronic head. If they reside outside of your service area, they can mail in their key to you or you can drive to their place and fulfill the order. Generate residual revenue when affiliates become Premium affiliates and paying you a monthly residual, or generate revenue through online purchases.



What differentiate this business from other locksmith business is that you are doing more than copying keys, you are going above and beyond by cutting keys back to its original factory cuts. Most locksmith will just copy the key. If the key happens to be a worn out key, then the worn out part will be copied too. The advantage of having a key cloned by the equipment Carkeys1 uses will enable the key to be cut back to how it was originally was when first manufactured, so the customer can have a factory fresh key and not a copy of a worn out key. For the electronic portion of the key, you will clone it usuing the specilaized equipment and have it programmed into the customer's vehicle if it requires it. One of the benefit to this cloning is that the electronic head of the key doesn’t require a battery to operate, therefore it will last them a life-time. If they are the owner of a new/used dealership or a car rental place/fleet, they can reuse the same electronic head while having different cuts of the key up to nine extra times.


  • Key Duplication Service - Duplicate transponder keys for customers, cut key and clone the electronic heads, program key into vehicle
  • Affiliate System - Paid affiliate accounts and free affiliate accounts
  • Mail Order Business - This is also a mail order business, where customers order a key


  • Minimal training needed to develop the skill to cut keys
  • Low equipment investment
  • Low barrier of entry, less competition
  • Minimum labor to operate
  • Phone system with 844-CAR-KEY1 number. Phone system monthly account fee not included.
  • Ownership rights to domain name Carkeys1.com & Carkeysone.com,
  • Low inventory
  • - 6-7 Electronic Key heads
  • - 27 Key Blades
  • - Key Cutting Machine



  • Potential Growth Possibility - Franchisable business, great for malls, high traffic areas, low inventory SKU
  • Supplier Partnerships - Partner with car rental places/fleets or car dealerships to enhance your business prospect


  • Maximum income potential
  • Nationwide market coverage
  • Leverage supplier effort
  • Over 40,000 specified city webpages to provide site optimization

Website Features

"Utilizing cutting-edge web-based technology to maximize your marketing reach!!".


  • Your main business domain will be www.Carkeys1.com
  • Home page, Transponder key list and details page, Carkeys1 individual purchase page, Shopping cart integration with Paypal. Tips on secure packaging with label creator tool and a Contact Us page
  • Over 40,000 additional webpages 1 for each city in the U.S. for Website Optimization
  • Database contain most vehicle brands in the market along with most vehicle models.
  • Search tool feature for customers to search for local affiliates
  • Automated Ad posted to website



  • Sign In/Sign Out system for members.
  • Registration page for prospect to sign in as a car rental, deaelrship, or an affiliate A/B.
  • Be able to view individual updated message or group messages sent from Carkeys1 administration.
  • View order history as a car rental place or dealership.
  • Order keys as a car rental place, dealership at a discount.
  • View incoming orders as an Affiliate A/B.
  • Customized shopping cart for car rentals/fleets and dealership. Actual payment made will be sent via payment request from Paypal.



  • Marketing - Manage a prospect marketing system. Includes an Opt-In system to collect emails from new subscribers. Includes a database to store emails. Contains a marketing system to send emails to new subscribers. Regulary send emails to segmented emails. Send emails to engaged prospects. Automatically remove emails when subscribers Opt-Out. Be able to view all prospects details including what current series they are in.

  • Analytics - Track visitors from your marketing campaigns. See how your ads are creating visits to webpages that you create. Be able to create new ads, track hits and see the average growth of your Ads over time.
  • Administrative Control - Be able to see incoming orders from customers for car rentals, dealership and affiliates. Be able to view and manage car rental places, dealerships, Affiliate A and Affiliate B account information. Be able to view order history, update order status, and cordinate orders with affiliates and locksmith shops. Be able to send a private message to indivudal shops or to all affiliated shops.
  • Carkeys List Management - Be able to view, add or edit car keys record information in the database.

Additional Bonus Included with Purchase

"Offering more value to help you succeed!!"

  • Tech Support Transition Period - Tech support to smooth out anything that needs to be done to fulfill completeness of the website up to 3 months. Additional option to maintain ongoing tech support upon agreement with Web Master. Price is negotiable and not included in the sale price.
  • New Key Cutting Machine Equipment - (Valued at $10,000) Receive a new key cutting machine with 2-days training.
  • Database Migration - Database tables will be migrated to your hosting company.
  • Business Process Flowcharts - Charts diagramming the flow of business and logistics during a sale.
  • Certificates for Affiliates - New affliates will received their certification as an affiliate of Carkeys1.
  • TKM Extreme Kit - New TKM kit to service some of the newer vehicle models.

For Sale Price

  • Asking Price: $100,000.00
  • Taking BEST offer. Contact Us below.

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Now you can start an online business with this remarkable and profitable turnkey website! This powerful PHP driven website has it all! Why you should purchase; Low Inventory, Franchisable, Maximum Income Potential. Contact Us today!!



If you are also interested in purchasing my main business at Haven's For Total Security, Inc. please call:


Ron M. Centers

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Q: Do I need a license to duplicate transponder keys?

Answer: No. However, check your state to be sure.


Q: Why are you selling the website?

Answer: Retiring after 40 years in the locksmith business.


Q: How long has this website been in operation?

Answer: 3-4 Years


Q: Are there any residual cost or charges involded?

Answer: You will need to pay for a hosting cost from your internet hosting company. Normally runs $100/ Year. You will also need to maintain the domain names. $10/ Year. You can pay a tech suport to maintain and upkeep the website, and provide graphic and media support. Fee depends on you and negotiated amount between you and tech support.


3. I am new to the Internet and computer. Shall I be able to run this business?
Answer: Yes. The website has a content management system which you can change content on the websites. With minimal training you will be able to easily navigate the website.


4. Will I Have Total Ownership To This Website?
Ans:- Yes, you are the sole legal owner of the domain name, the design, and the web contents present on the website.


5. How Long Will It Take To Get My Website?
Answer: We try to make your website live on internet within 1-2 Weeks upon completion of the purchase.


6. Do You Promote The Website?
Answer: No, we do not advertise your website. You are responsible to promote your website along with promoting your affiliates. We will give you guidance and tips on how to market in areas where your affiliates reside. You can promote on Craigslist, Social Media and uitilize Carkeys1's email Marketing system.


7. Do I Have To Update Or Put Products Onto The Website?
Answer- No, all the key list is already there. Although you could add or updated a specific key details on your backend office of the website.


8. Can I Get A Refund If I Don't Want The Website Anymore?
Answer- We cannot refund the money after getting the website. It is a part of common digital or electronic item purchase and refund policy. Since, you can contact us to get help in solving any issues. Please ask for a tour of the website before purchasing in order to get a sense of the website before making purchase.


16. When and how can I receive the payment from Affiliate programs?
Answer - If you have a locksmith that signed up as a premium affiliate, they will pay you every month, either at the start of the month or end of the month. For a standard affiliate, you collect the payment upfront once an affiliate has fulfill an order through the website. The affiliate will send a confirmation that the order has been fulfilled to you. You then will cut a check to the affiliate and keep your share of the deal.



Disclaimer: Carkeys1 does not guarantee any results. Results vary depending on application and effort of new ownership.


If you don't see your car key listed here on our site, please contact us here and let us know.


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