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Tools Assist - How to Send Us Your Key
Process of Sending Us Your Key


When you mail us your key, please note:

Keys will pop out of envelop if not packaged correctly or using the wrong envelop.



Step 1:


Therefore, we recommend that you first take a piece of cardboard box, wrap around the key and tape it together before you put the key in the envelop.

We recommend that you use a manilla envelop as oppose to a letter envelop.

If you decide to use a priority Flat Rate Box, make sure you put padding so that the key doesn't raddle. Padding materials are FREE at the post office.


Step 2:

Create a label for your envelope. You can get a label from your post office. If you would like to create your own label using our label creator tool. Click on icon below.

Step 3:

Take it to the post office for shipping.


If you don't see your car key listed here on our site, please contact us here and let us know.


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