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How you can benefit from being a Affiliate of Carkeys1

When you register to become an affiliate of Carkeys1, you not only will have your own Carkeys1 account website, but will be able to fullfill customer orders send to you from Carkeys1. Carkeys1 will advertise to bring customers to your shop as an affiliate. Each customer order you have fullfied you will recieve payment from Carkeys1. It's that simple. Please take a moment to sign up an account below.

Steps to become a Carkeys1 Affiliate

  1. Meet the affiliate Requirements
  2. Decide which type of Carkeys1 Affiliate you want to be.
  3. Fill out the online form below.
  4. Once we verified your account, Carkeys will verify your account, and if you are affiliate A, Carkeys1 will send you a request for Payment and a Carkeys1 Affiliate Guidelines agreement. After Carkesy1 recieves the requested information, Carkeys1 will send you a Affiliate certificate.

STEP 1: Affiliate Rquirements

  1. Affiliate must have the 994(Must have all five Jaws; A(Red), B(Grey), C(Green), D(Blue), F(Purple)), and 884 (Cloner)Equipment.

    *Please note: You may still qualify for an Affiliate B status if you only have the 884 Cloner equpiment, however you won't be able to cut keys. You will only be able to program keys to vehicle.

  2. Affiliate must have state license (Will need a copy)
  3. Affiliate must have a physical location
  4. Must honor Carkeys1 Prices

STEP 2: Types of Affiliates

Carkeys1 provides an opportunity for locksmiths to become a fulfillment center for Carkeys1 and do business under two type of categories.


Premium Affiliate

$299/ month

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Either as an Affiliate A (Premium Affiliate), in which carkeys1 will provide the affiliate with a website. Carkeys1 will also be airing Carkeys1 advertisements in your local area to attract potential customers to your business. As a fulfillment center, you make a simple monthly fee to Carkeys1, while Carkeys1 will maintain and bring customer for key duplication services at your location.


  • Webpage Presence
  • Free local Advertising
  • Public Listing on our Carkeys1 website as Affiliate A
  • 85% Compensation upon work fulfillment
Standard Affiliate

$0/ month

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The second is as an Affiliate B (Standard Affiliate), in which Carkeys1 will bring customers to your business if there's is a purchase order from individuals in the affiliates local area. Affiliate B, is obligated to honor the pricing when Carkeys1 sends customers to have their ordes fulfilled. There is no monthly fee to become an Affiliate B.


  • No Monthly Fees
  • 75% Compensation upon work fulfillment

STEP 3: Fill out the Affiliate Form


         Please take a moment to complete this form in order to create an affiliate account.

Create your Username:
Create your Password:
Repeat Password:
Select Affiliate Type:
First Name:
Last Name:
Contact Number:
Shop Number:
Business Name:
Business License # ('s):
Upload Company Picture:


Please type in the letters you see in the box.

(Use all capital letters)

If you don't see your car key listed here on our site, please contact us here and let us know.


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