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Transponder Key Service

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Do you have a locksmith that service Transponder keys? Does having a new customer come to your business from another source other than your business sound attractive to you? Does not having to pay for a new customer, just make you want to jump for joy? Maybe not actually jump for joy, but if you answered yes, then Carkeys1’s Nationwide Car Key Service Group has a business opportunity for you. We are taking on qualified candidates to join our team of Locksmiths around the United States.

Carkeys1’s Nationwide Car Key Service Group offers you the avenue to grow your business by being affiliated with Carkeys1. We do the advertising and refer new customers to your business when a customer in your area makes a purchase online. It cost you nothing to start and you can upgrade anytime you like to take your business into a new level.

Carkeys1 offers an opportunity for you to become a paying affiliate to received added value, such as marketing tools and guidance on how to use online marketing to take your business to new found heights. In addition, we will provide you with your own website to market your business in your local area. You are given a restricted area that you can call your own. You will be listed as an affiliate by Zip code. You own the territory and have special rights to conduct business within those boundaries. When you join our team of Locksmiths we drive new traffic leads to your business. Here at Carkeys1 you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Carkeys1 will be there to provide guidance and tools to help your business succeed.

Start you journey today….

Transponder and Remote keys cloning


When you clone a key, you clone the electronic portion of the key. For the non-electronic portion of the key, it gets code cut back to its original dimensions, making it equal to a factory fresh key. This method allows you to retain the original cut and groove curvature of the key, thereby extending the longevity of the key.

This process is superior to just copying a key, where a worn key is duplicated onto a new key, thereby giving you a copy of a worn key.

Send us your key and we can duplicate your key in less than a day.

When you want to get a new car key, make sure its a clone key and code cut key. Please ask your local locksmith to see if they clone and code cut keys.

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Mail us your key to be cloned


If you live outside of california or outside of our service location, you can mail to us your key and we will clone the electronic portion of your key, so you don't have to program it. For the cut portion of the key, we will cut it back to its original state as it where when it first was manufacturered. So send us your key and we will send you back a clone key cut to factory specifications.


Optional Overnight Express Mail is Extra


Visit an affiliated Locksmith in your area


Only a locksmith equipped with the right equipment can clone your car keys. Don't be fooled by imitations or knock-offs to the real thing. If you live outside our service location or outisde of California and would like to know if we have an affiliated shop in your area who can clone keys, contact us. We will direct you to a nearby affiliate of Carkeys1.


Clone your transponder keys and remote keys at your local affiliated locksmith today. Bring your key into your local shop or mail it in. Stop by their shop and ask if they can clone your key. Make sure its cloning and not copying. Get the right key today!!



If you don't see your car key listed here on our site, please contact us at (844) 227-5391 and let us know.




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